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NOOKbook Review: Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

The first eBook my wife bought for her Nook Color was Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua. The book has inspired a lot of lively debate concerning various parenting philosophies and methods. Here is an excerpt from her book review. This book, by Yale University Law Professor Amy Chua, is meant to […]

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iPad (Manga) Envy

Yesterday I was reading the latest issue of Shonen Jump and noticed the back cover ad for the Viz Manga iPad app. Through the app, readers can buy digital copies of a number of popular Viz manga. This is certainly great news if you already own an iPad and have a love for manga, but […]

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Using Gift Cards To Buy NOOKbooks

When I bought a Nook Color for my wife’s birthday, I also bought the obligatory gift card to get her started on the road to eBooks. It is actually easy to use a Barnes & Noble gift card to buy eBooks for the Nook, unfortunately B&N’s web site has the procedure fairly well hidden. But […]

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And The eBook Shall Lead…

And the Children Shall Lead was one of the worst episodes of the original Star Trek television series. In this story, the Enterprise visits a research station on a planet where all of the adults stationed there have been killed, leaving only the children. It turns out that the children had been mislead and used […]

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A Reflection Of Books

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of seeing artist Makoto Fujimura speak on the work he was commissioned to do in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. His talk and the one preceding it by art historian Professor John Walford of Wheaton College had a profound impact on how I now […]

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3DS, 3D This, 3D That, 3D Books!

Ars Technica reports that Nintendo is releasing the 3DS on March 27th. The 3DS is a handheld 3D games console that does not require the use of 3D glasses to see games in 3D. The year 2011 seems to be shaping up as the year that 3D makes a big play for our living rooms, […]

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eBooks Are For Muggles!

As I continue to add more books to my Nook, it surprises and saddens me just how many classics are not available for purchase in any eBook format. Last night, while preparing for a Bible study I was hoping to add some of the reference books for our study of Romans to my Nook. I […]

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eReaders and Tablets: Peaceful Coexistence?

Borders has extended its $99 Kobo eBook reader sale through Thursday. I wonder what this means. Does it mean that they received such a favorable bump in sales that the embattled bookseller wants to build on it? Or does it mean just the opposite, and they need to quickly clear inventory and raise cash to […]

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Will Borders Troubles Lead To More eBook Manga?

I visited my neighborhood Borders yesterday for some hands on time with the Kobo eBook reader. I was impressed by its really slim design and its responsiveness, a good buy at $99. After that I did my usual perusal of the manga section, looking for new volumes in series I follow and any other new […]

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A Google Branded eBook Reader?

As reported on Fierce Mobile Content, Google has aquired eBook Technologies, a firm specializing in eReader hardware and software solutions. They also hold patents in eBook related technologies. Google did not release any fine details concerning the acquisition or their motives, which leaves the door open to much speculation. One obvious guess is that Google is planning […]

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