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Amazon Lights Kindle Fire, Nook Color May Get Burned

In probably one of the worst kept secrets in tech history, Amazon unveiled its much anticipated new color Kindle today, the Kindle Fire. In addition to the Fire, Amazon is releasing 3 new eInk Kindles, a $79 non-touch model and two touch screen Kindles. One with WiFi and the other 3G. While this Bloomberg report […]

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A Riggatron Model For Education

One of the current controversies in Chicago is Mayor Emanuel’s proposal to add 90 minutes to the school day. The idea is to use the additional time for reading and math. Needless to say, the teachers are not happy with the largely unilateral way this was introduced, ignoring the collective bargaining agreement with the Chicago […]

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Let’s Burn Down The Great Library of Alexandria Again!

I first learned of the Great Library of Alexandria as a kid watching Carl Sagan talk about it on his show, Cosmos on my local PBS station. Like Sagan, I was greatly saddened by the story of its destruction and the great setback to human progress that represented. Books were my greatest treasure growing up, […]

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Free eBook: Rolled Up Dimensionality

Everyone likes free stuff! Now through the end of the year, Rolled Up Dimensionality: Short stories from a forgotten life, is free on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod! The book is a collection of SciFi short stories inspired somewhat by the great pulp classics of the 1950’s and 60’s. If there’s enough interest, the good […]

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The Walking Dead: Tokyopop May Publish Hetalia vol 3

Since closing down their North American manga publishing operations back in May, it seems that Tokyopop’s manga aspirations are doing anything but resting in peace. The Tokyopop Facebook page is still active and recent news that they may still publish Hetalia volume 3 has brought mixed reactions. The plan calls for a limited retail print […]

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Project Gutenberg Founder Passes Away

A couple of days ago, I read of Michael S. Hart’s passing on the Project Gutenberg site. Up until that point I’d never even heard of him, nor knew the great debt that all of us who enjoy and promote eBooks today owe his pioneering spirit. When I first got my Nook, some of the […]

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The Balkanization Of Reading

I finally bought a Kindle this week. I ran into some issues publishing The Great Robot Adventure that could only be fully addressed with the actual hardware in hand. I’m happy to say that the issues have been resolved and the new book is now on sale for Kindle, Nook, and iPad. At this point, […]

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