As I continue to add more books to my Nook, it surprises and saddens me just how many classics are not available for purchase in any eBook format. Last night, while preparing for a Bible study I was hoping to add some of the reference books for our study of Romans to my Nook. I was greatly disappointed to find that many of them were not available as eBooks. Given the command to make disciples of all nations, I don’t think Paul would be too happy that much Christian thought was not available in one of the easiest formats to share with the entire world. If Paul were here today, I have little doubt he’d be sure to publish in ePub format!

I kind of expect religious literature to be, *ahem*, hidebound and slow to come to new formats. But for a highly successful commercial series like the Harry Potter books, it’s rather surprising and annoying. You will find many books about Harry Potter in eBook format, but not the series itself. That remains “safely” on paper pages, though I’m  sure a quick Google search will turn up many digital copies of dubious origin. The cat being out of the bag anyway, why not make an eBook version available for people willing to pay for it? But I guess eBooks are only for muggles…sigh.