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Do Not Pass Go! eBook Prices May Drop As EU And US Double-team Apple And Publishers

Ars reports that the European Commission is teaming up with the US Department of Justice investigating allegations of collusion and price-fixing in the eBook market by Apple and several large publishers. Apple and publishers Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Pearson’s Penguin, Hachette Livre, and Macmillan are accused of working together in order to keep eBook prices […]

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Amazon Brings The Pain With KDP Select!

As a runner, I was always taught to never look back at the competition. Keep moving forward, never slow down. With its introduction of the KDP Select program for self-publishers, Amazon clearly intends to add to its already commanding lead in the eBook market. KDP Select adds a number of new features that self-publishers on […]

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Let’s Burn Down The Great Library of Alexandria Again!

I first learned of the Great Library of Alexandria as a kid watching Carl Sagan talk about it on his show, Cosmos on my local PBS station. Like Sagan, I was greatly saddened by the story of its destruction and the great setback to human progress that represented. Books were my greatest treasure growing up, […]

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Will Publishers Survive The eBook Revolution?

My youngest son, who’s only 10, wants to publish his Young Authors story as an eBook and sell it for 99 cents. I told him sure, I’ll do it. With the process I’ve built, it’s pretty easy to do and should be a fun project. And who knows, it might even be profitable! Scenarios like […]

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Selling eBooks: Some Thoughts

A tweet this morning from WriterDonna lead me to The Quest for eBook Sales on Green Ink. In answer to the perennial question of how to get more eBook sales, the author had this to say. The good news is that indie authors can get sales on a very limited monetary budget; the bad news […]

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Old Bookselling Model Must End

As much as I love bookstores, I really had no idea just how wacked out the traditional bookselling business model is until  now. As a Borders bankruptcy looms ever larger, writer Zetta Brown thinks that maybe it’s time for an outdated business model to die as well. She writes, Frankly, Borders is a reflection of […]

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