Read It Anyway You Like Baby!

One of the most daunting challenges of publishing in eBook format exclusively is choosing which platform to target. Or at least that’s how it was at first. Thankfully, you can read an eBook on pretty much anything that has a video screen! Anyone still on the fence about buying eBooks take note, all of the major eBook sellers have free readers for the Mac, PC, and all popular smartphones. So don’t let the lack of a Kindle or Nook keep you away from eBooks!

I’m particularly excited that with the success of the iPad, the tablet market place has been growing at a rapid pace. This past CES showcased a number of new Windows and Android powered tablets, and the BlackBerry Playbook. The Playbook, while not Android powered, looks pretty sweet and is a strong signal that RIM is still in the game! And of course, more tablets, means more people reading eBooks which will accelerate the move to the new literary medium. I still love my Nook, but I see a tablet in my future!

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