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Amazon Fires Back With HTML5 Kindle Reader

A couple of weeks ago, Apple’s in-app purchase rules change resulted in a number of companies with iOS book reader applications to remove links to their online bookstores from within their apps. Along with this change, there was some speculation that this might encourage the introduction of HTML5 based web applications to sidestep Apple’s rules. […]

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Touching Off eReader/Tablet Battle

Over the last few weeks, the battle front for eReaders vs tablets has gotten very interesting indeed. The news that Amazon may have a new Kindle in the works, promised that 2011 could be an interesting year for eReaders. This was followed by Borders’ announcement of the new Kobo Touch eReader. An eReader with a […]

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A Google Branded eBook Reader?

As reported on Fierce Mobile Content, Google has aquired eBook Technologies, a firm specializing in eReader hardware and software solutions. They also hold patents in eBook related technologies. Google did not release any fine details concerning the acquisition or their motives, which leaves the door open to much speculation. One obvious guess is that Google is planning […]

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Kobo Wireless eBook Reader $99.99 For 4 Days

Anyone looking to get a decent eBook reader for less than $100 has just had their wish granted! Borders is selling the Kobo eBook reader for $99.99 for the next 4 days. I think this deep discount of the regular $139 price is a sign that Borders is serious about selling more eBooks as talk […]

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