A Google Branded eBook Reader?

As reported on Fierce Mobile Content, Google has aquired eBook Technologies, a firm specializing in eReader hardware and software solutions. They also hold patents in eBook related technologies.

Google did not release any fine details concerning the acquisition or their motives, which leaves the door open to much speculation. One obvious guess is that Google is planning to release an eReader of its own in the future,  akin to their Android powered Nexus S smartphone. Like the Nexus, I don’t see a Google branded tablet or eReader being anything more than a hardware reference platform for the underlying Google technologies.

A Google tablet (Nexus R maybe?) would likely be powered by the tablet optimized Android 3.0 Honeycomb and seamlessly integrate with the Google ebookstore. And like the Nexus S, it would be an open, contract free device. So more expensive to purchase upfront, but no pesky long term data contracts to pay for. Finally, the patent portfolio of eBooks Technologies would likely insulate Google from any eBook related patent trolls (or allow them to become one). The year is just getting started and already I think CES 2012 is going to be very interesting!

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