Kobo Wireless eBook Reader $99.99 For 4 Days

Anyone looking to get a decent eBook reader for less than $100 has just had their wish granted! Borders is selling the Kobo eBook reader for $99.99 for the next 4 days. I think this deep discount of the regular $139 price is a sign that Borders is serious about selling more eBooks as talk of bankruptcy continues to haunt the beleaguered book seller. The discount requires membership in Borders Rewards and this coupon to use in stores. Or it can be purchased from Borders.com directly.

The Kobo is a good eReader that will continue to be useful whether Borders remains open or not because it supports a variety of file formats. So if price is a big consideration, then it is well worth it. If Borders makes this a permanent price drop, then they may just have a shot at staying in the game a little longer.

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