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Twisting the Knife: Amazon Lowers Kindle 3G Price

Perhaps taking advantage of the demise of Borders, Amazon has lowered the price of their popular Kindle 3G eBook reader to $139. This is truly a great time to move to eBooks as the choices for quality readers have never been better. And I’m sure that the Borders closing stories have increased interest in eBooks […]

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A New Challenger Has Appeared: Google’s eBook Reader Now On Sale

Google is now selling its iRiver Story HD eBook reader exclusively at Target in the U.S.. We speculated here back in January that a Google branded eBook reader may be in the works and now that that shoe has dropped, what does this mean to the larger tablet vs eReader battle that is shaping up […]

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Are Physical Books Really Dead Yet?

A new Amazon Kindle ad has Crave writer David Carnoy speculating that Amazon has pronounced the physical book dead. Long live the physical book! He writes, By saying that the physical book “lives on,” Amazon is implying that it died at some point. That’s not exactly true, of course, but the messaging seems pretty clear, […]

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Borders Cuts Kobo To $99.99 Permanently

Borders has cut the price of the Kobo eBook reader to $99.99 permanently. This may mean that the earlier promotional cuts spiked sales of the readers and eBooks enough to significantly help the bottom line of the embattled bookseller. So anyone who’s been on the fence about eBook readers due to price should definitely take […]

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Nook Color Review

Buying presents for my wife is a tricky task at best, but it looks like my birthday gift of a Nook Color has paid off handsomely. Being a demanding user, I asked her to write a review of her new eBook reader in which she had this to say, I have always been an avid […]

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