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A Thinking Man’s Guide To Piracy

It’s every publisher’s hope that new books will catch on and find an audience. You promote, promote, promote and then watch the sales figures. If all goes well, the rocket takes off and a smile comes to your face. I’d been smiling a bit lately about Oh My! A thinking man’s guide to crossplay. The […]

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JManga Launches With Digital Titles New To US

Anime News Network reported that the JManga web site had launched with a lineup of titles that included manga never seen in print in the United States. These new titles include Macross Frontier. It was the Macross Frontier part that piqued my interest primarily. JManga is a web portal where manga can be purchased and […]

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Amazon Fires Back With HTML5 Kindle Reader

A couple of weeks ago, Apple’s in-app purchase rules change resulted in a number of companies with iOS book reader applications to remove links to their online bookstores from within their apps. Along with this change, there was some speculation that this might encourage the introduction of HTML5 based web applications to sidestep Apple’s rules. […]

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